Hi! I'm making  this game top down action dodging game called...    (drum roll)    TopDodging! (I might change the name.)

About the game:
The game has very simple controls: Mouse on desktop or touchscreen joystick on mobile.

You start controlling 14 characters and your goal is to reach the end of the level with as many of them as possible. 

I'm making it in Unity, using C#. The models I have made in Blender.

Next I'm planning to add procedural level generation à la Spelunky and Dead Cells.

Why I'm making this?
I'm making it for fun and to fill my portfolio. I need more stuff I can show to any potential employers.

You can download the latest version at:

Feel free to give any feedback or suggestions.

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Version 2 127 days ago
topdodging.apk (15 MB)
Version 3 127 days ago (21 MB)
Version 2 127 days ago

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